Back up your messages with this handy tool

With this program, you can backup, restore and export all your messages (SMS, MMS, E-mail, etc.) which are stored in your Messaging application.

You can backup and/or export your messages manually or smsBackup can backup/export the new messages on every incoming SMS! This program exports the messages into text files. The folders used in your Messaging application will appear as directories. After exporting your important data you can easily zip, copy or whatever you want to do with your exported material.

You can use your Storage Card as output directory, so you will never loose your Messages again!



smsBackup 2.41

User reviews about smsBackup

  • rucore401

    by rucore401

    "A handy utility for anyone"

    If you are just like me this little app will become a handy one. It's always useful being able to backup your sms for...   More.